Jul 20, 2023

This port contains a collection of some of the most popular Arabic fonts created and used by the Arabic UNIX community.

Khotot is an important FreeBSD port located in the Arabic category. It is optimized to help those working in FreeBSD, specifically with Arabic computing, significantly enhancing their computing experience. This blog post will discuss Khotot’s utility, its practical use cases, setup and handling, as well as benefits, providing detailed instructions and protocols catered towards FreeBSD users who wish to deepen their understanding of this remarkable software port.

Khotot An Overview

Khotot, considered as one of the premier Arabic font collections, provides visually appealing and high-quality set of scalable fonts for Arabic scripting. Khotot does not merely help your device ‘understand’ and ‘interpret’ Arabic script, but also enables users to view this enchanting language in its raw, aesthetic form. Given FreeBSD’s focus on performance and stability, incorporating Khotot within its framework fuels a seamless invitation towards Arabic handling, thereby propagating a smooth interaction across FreeBSD’s diverse base.

Installation and Setup

The simplicity and user-friendly design make Khotot’s installation easy even for a novice FreeBSD user. Install Khotot by entering the following command in your terminal

$ cd /usr/ports/arabic/khotot/ && make install clean

Alternatively, you can use the package manager

$ pkg install ar-khotot

Once the installation process is successfully completed, integrate Khotot into your FreeBSD setup by configuring the fontconfig to use the newly installed Arabic fonts. Append this XML configuration in the local.conf file located in the /etc/fonts directory.

  <test name="family;"><string>sans-serif</string></test>
  <edit name="family" mode="prepend" binding="same"><string>Khotot</string></edit>

Once completed, you’ll see Arabic script throughout your FreeBSD environment in the distinct and visually pleasing style of Khotot.

Practical Utility of Khotot in FreeBSD

Khotot offers a stunning collection of fonts that drastically enhances the presentation and readability of Arabic script, lending an aesthetic quality to your FreeBSD environment. It is not just beneficial for Arabic users who prefer to operate in their native language but is also an essential tool for those interested in Arabic linguistic programming, Arabic content development, or even cross-cultural digital communication.

Similar to how users committed to IT security might utilize [nmap]https// for port scanning and network exploration, Khotot stands on its own as a significant contributor to Arabic computing enhancement in FreeBSD.

If you operate a local web server on FreeBSD and want to host Arabic websites, Khotot is an essential tool to display the Arabic content as it is meant to be shown, preserving and promoting the natural beauty of the Arabic script.

In addition, for users involved with shell scripting, text editing, or programming in Arabic, Khotot offers an array of practical utilities that can significantly improve your overall coding experience in FreeBSD.


No matter the specific domain of your FreeBSD usage, be it programming, security, web development, content creation, or merely personal use, Khotot, with its intricate and robust Arabic font collection, offers an inclusive and aesthetically pleasing environment for Arabic scripting. Adopting it can greatly improve the experience of Arabic users and those who have interactions with the Arabic script.

Khotot exemplifies the flexibility and accommodative nature of FreeBSD and its ports system, making it stand out as a choice for diverse, global users. Dive into enriching your Arabic computing experience with Khotot, and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of the Arabic script with this amazing FreeBSD port.

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