Jul 20, 2023

Adjust color temperature/brightness under Wayland via DBus

wl-gammarelay-rs is a simple program that provides DBus interface to control display temperature and brightness under Wayland without flickering. Like wl-gammarelay, but written in Rust, runs on a single thread, has three times less SLOC and uses DBus for simplicity.

FreeBSD is a highly robust operating system, admired by many for its flexibility, performance, and enormous collection of software packages known as ports. In this article, we will focus on an interesting and valuable FreeBSD port, “wl gammarelay rs,” which falls under the category of Accessibility. This port has to offer a lot in terms of making IT environment more user-friendly and versatile. Here, we are aiming to provide an extensive guide on how to effectively use this software port, its benefits, and where it stands significant within the FreeBSD universe.

Introducing “wl gammarelay rs”

wl gammarelay rs is an impactful tool that enhances the usability aspect of FreeBSD. It caters to an essential aspect of IT infrastructures, i.e., accessibility, making the FreeBSD environment more optimized and user-friendly. Utilizing this software port, you can perform a multitude of tasks aimed at excellent system administration and user convenience.

The Installation

To install the wl-gammarelay rs package, open your terminal and type the following

pkg install wl-gammarelay rs

Please note that installing a FreeBSD port requires root privileges. If you are not logged in as a root user, prepend the sudo command.


Post installation, you can execute the software using the following command

wl-gammarelay rs

By typing man wl-gammarelay rs in your terminal, you can explore the detailed manual of this software port. This manual gives you an in-depth understanding of the software, its purpose, features, commands, and more.


wl gammarelay rs helps improve the FreeBSD’s functionality in terms of accessibility. This port can benefit you in the following ways

  1. Improved Accessibility This software port enhances the overall accessibility of the FreeBSD environment, making it easier and more comfortable to use.

  2. Better Usability With wl gammarelay rs, the usability aspect of FreeBSD is boosted. It offers more convenient execution of processes and operations inside the FreeBSD environment.

  3. System Administration This software port has features aimed at system administration, making it a valuable tool for system administrators.

Getting involved in FreeBSD requires an understanding of the ports collection. wl gammarelay rs is one of the many ports available for FreeBSD. You may also want to look at ports that cater to IT Security, such as [nmap]https//freebsdsoftware.org/security/nmap.html, which is a powerful open-source tool for network exploration and security auditing.

To conclude, wl gammarelay rs has made a significant impact on the FreeBSD community by making the OS more comfortable and versatile. It embodies the essence of user-centric design and extensibility that FreeBSD stands for. Like other ports, it underscores the richness of FreeBSD’s ports collection, propelling the OS to cater to diverse needs in the IT world. Whether it’s about enhancing user accessibility, improving system administration, or making the FreeBSD environment more user-friendly, wl gammarelay rs port stands strong, supporting FreeBSD in its journey of evolution. Keep an eye on this space for more insightful articles about the various interesting FreeBSD ports, and how they are shaping the world of FreeBSD.

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