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FreeBSD x11-fm software list

FSViewer : X11 file manager using WINGS library. Dockable in WindowMaker
asfiles : X11 file manager. Dockable in WindowMaker
binder : A file manager on X window with TkStep
cfm : Quick Perl/Tk file manager with support for regular expressions
dfm : OS/2 - like Desktop-File-Manager for X Window System
emelfm2 : The gtk2 port of emelfm, a fast graphical filemanager
endeavour : A graphical file manager and image viewer aimed towards new users
ezfm : EZWGL-based file manager for X Window System
filerunner : Filemanager with FTP capabilities. Uses Tcl/Tk
fsv : 3D filesystem visualizer
gentoo : Gtk+ based, file manager inspired by DirectoryOpus
gnome-commander : File manager for Gnome
gnome-commander2 : File manager for Gnome2
gprename : Perl script for renaming multiple files
krusader : A two window file-manager for KDE, like midnight or norton commander
mtoolsfm : A graphical frontend to mtools
nautilus2 : File manager for the GNOME desktop
offix-files : File bar from OffiX
rox-filer : A simple and easy to use graphical file manager
rox-mime-editor : MIME type editor for the ROX desktop
rox-session : A session manager for the ROX desktop
systemg : UNIX File Manager based on the design of the Macintosh System 7
tkdesk : A graphical, highly configurable and powerful file manager
twander : A Better Filesystem Browser
velocity : GNOME file and desktop manager
worker : X11 File Manager based on Directory Opus
workplace : File manager and launcher
x-files : A nice Tk-based filemanager
xcruise : Navigate through a three-dimensional view of a file system
xdiskusage : Show where disk space is taken up
xfce4-fm : XFce 4 file manager
xfce4-fm-icons : XFce 4 icon themes for the xffm file manager
xfe : Fast MS-Explorer like filemanager for X
xfm : The X File Manager
xnc : File manager for X Window
xplore : Yet another Motif file manager
evidence : Enlightened file-manager
py-nautilus : Python nautilus bindings
tdfsb : A 3D filesystem browser
dolphin : File manager for KDE
entropyfm : An EFL-based file manager
jaffm : A lightweight file manager inspired by MacOS Finder
mucommander : Lightweight file manager featuring a Norton Commander style interface
nautilus : File manager for the GNOME desktop
thunar : XFce 4 file manager

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