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FreeBSD x11-drivers software list

synaptics : The Synaptics touchpad X driver
xf86-input-acecad : X.Org acecad input driver
xf86-input-calcomp : X.Org calcomp input driver
xf86-input-citron : X.Org citron input driver
xf86-input-digitaledge : X.Org digitaledge input driver
xf86-input-dmc : X.Org dmc input driver
xf86-input-dynapro : X.Org dynapro input driver
xf86-input-elo2300 : X.Org elo2300 input driver
xf86-input-elographics : X.Org elographics input driver
xf86-input-fpit : X.Org fpit input driver
xf86-input-hyperpen : X.Org hyperpen input driver
xf86-input-jamstudio : X.Org jamstudio input driver
xf86-input-joystick : X.Org joystick input driver
xf86-input-keyboard : X.Org keyboard input driver
xf86-input-magellan : X.Org magellan input driver
xf86-input-magictouch : X.Org magictouch input driver
xf86-input-microtouch : X.Org microtouch input driver
xf86-input-mouse : X.Org mouse input driver
xf86-input-mutouch : X.Org mutouch input driver
xf86-input-palmax : X.Org palmax input driver
xf86-input-penmount : X.Org penmount input driver
xf86-input-spaceorb : X.Org spaceorb input driver
xf86-input-summa : X.Org summa input driver
xf86-input-tek4957 : X.Org tek4957 input driver
xf86-input-vmmouse : X.Org vmmouse input driver
xf86-input-void : X.Org void input driver
xf86-video-apm : X.Org apm display driver
xf86-video-ark : X.Org ark display driver
xf86-video-ati : X.Org ati display driver
xf86-video-chips : X.Org chips display driver
xf86-video-cirrus : X.Org cirrus display driver
xf86-video-cyrix : X.Org cyrix display driver
xf86-video-dummy : X.Org dummy display driver
xf86-video-fbdev : X.Org fbdev display driver
xf86-video-glint : X.Org glint display driver
xf86-video-i128 : X.Org i128 display driver
xf86-video-i740 : X.Org i740 display driver
xf86-video-i810 : X.Org i810 display driver
xf86-video-imstt : X.Org imstt display driver
xf86-video-intel : Driver for Intel integrated graphics chipsets
xf86-video-mga : X.Org mga display driver
xf86-video-neomagic : X.Org neomagic display driver
xf86-video-newport : X.Org newport display driver
xf86-video-nsc : X.Org nsc display driver
xf86-video-nv : X.Org nv display driver
xf86-video-openchrome : X.Org openChrome display driver
xf86-video-radeonhd : X.Org ati RadeonHD display driver
xf86-video-rendition : X.Org rendition display driver
xf86-video-s3 : X.Org s3 display driver
xf86-video-s3virge : X.Org s3virge display driver
xf86-video-savage : X.Org savage display driver
xf86-video-siliconmotion : X.Org siliconmotion display driver
xf86-video-sis : X.Org sis display driver
xf86-video-sunffb : X.Org sunffb display driver
xf86-video-tdfx : X.Org tdfx display driver
xf86-video-tga : X.Org tga display driver
xf86-video-trident : X.Org trident display driver
xf86-video-tseng : X.Org tseng display driver
xf86-video-vesa : X.Org vesa display driver
xf86-video-vga : X.Org vga display driver
xf86-video-via : X.Org via display driver
xf86-video-vmware : X.Org vmware display driver
xf86-video-voodoo : X.Org voodoo display driver
xorg-drivers : drivers meta-port

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