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FreeBSD vietnamese software list

xvnkb : A Vietnamese input method for X-Window
kde3-i18n : Vietnamese messages and documentation for KDE3
libviet : VIQR-VISCII conversion and VISCII ctype-like routines
unicode-uhoai : Unicode TrueType Font with UHoai Vietnamese encoding
vi2vn : Perl script to convert VIQR encoding to other Vietnamese encodings. PORT Converts Vietnamese VIQR text into troff format
vis2u : VISCII-Unicode conversion
vn7to8 : Converts between 7-bit Vietnamese VIQR and 8-bit VISCII formats
vnconvert : Converts Vietnamese text files between popular formats
vnelvis : A vi clone that speaks Vietnamese
vnless : A pager utility that speaks Vietnamese
vnlpr : Shell script and set of fonts to print Vietnamese text on PostScript printer
vnpstext : Converts 8-bit VISCII Vietnamese text into PostScript
vnroff : Converts Vietnamese VIQR text into troff format
vnterm : An xterm that speaks Vietnamese
vntex : teTeX Vietnamese language + font support
vnxfonts : X fonts for displaying Vietnamese
aspell : Aspell Vietnamese dictionaries Aspell Vietnamese dictionaries Aspell Vietnamese dictionaries
gtk-im-vi : Simple GTK+ input methods for Vietnamese(VNI and TELEX)
urwvn : Vietnamese version of the standard PostScript fonts from URW++
vietunicode-hannom : UNICODE Han Nom Font Set
vietunicode-trichlor : 100% Viet Unicode compatible
vietunicode-web1 : 100% Viet Unicode & Viet Phan/Pali-Sanskrit compatible

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