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2dhf : A Numerical Hartree-Fock Program for Diatomic Molecules
at : The Acoustic ToolBox includes four acoustic models
bblimage : A set of software tools for medical image processing
cdcl : Scientific graphic library for geoscience
chemtool : Draw organic molecules easily and store them
chemtool-devel : Drawing organic molecules easily and store them (developer version)
clhep : Object-oriented toolkit for particle physics applications by CERN
dft++ : DFT++, A density functional software
euler : A program computes with real and complex numbers and matrices
felt : A system for Finite Element Analysis
flounder : A quick way to visualize regularly spaced 4D data
gave : A gtk+ based grid data analyser and viewer written in Ruby
gchempaint : 2D chemical structures editor for GNOME 2
gchemutils : C++ classes and Gtk2 widgets related to chemistry
gdis : Display and manipulation of isolated molecules and periodic systems
ghemical : Ghemical is a computational chemistry software package
glens : OpenGL gravitational lens simulator
gramps : A GTK/GNOME-based genealogy program
hdf : Hierarchical Data Format library (from NCSA)
hdf5 : Hierarchical Data Format library (from NCSA)
kmovisto : A real 3-D molecule viewer
kst : Data viewing program for KDE
libctl : Control Language Library
libsvm : A library for Support Vector Machines
mayavi : A scientific data visualizer
mmtk : An Open Source program library for molecular simulation applications
mpb : MIT Photonic-Bands
mpqc : The massively parallel quantum computing library and program
oases : Ocean Acoustics and Seismic Exploration Synthesis
openbabel : Chemistry file translation program
ovt : The Orbit Visualization Tool
p5-Chemistry-Elements : Perl extension for working with Chemical Elements
psi3 : An electronic structure programs for high-accuracy computations
ruby-dcl : A Ruby interface to the scientific graphic library DCL
ruby-gphys : A multi-purpose class to handle gridded physical quantities
simlib : SIMulation LIBrary for C++ programming language
vis5d+ : OpenGL-based volumetric visualization program for scientific datasets
xloops-ginac : A program calculating Feynman diagrams
xmakemol : Molecule Viewer Program Based on Motif Widget
abinit : Abinit calculates electronic structure of systems
vmd : A molecular visualization program
py-scipy : Scientific tools for Python
buddy : A Binary Decision Diagram library
dcl : Scientific graphic library for geoscience
devisor : Design and Visualization Software Resource for FeatFlow
getdp : A rather general finite element solver using mixed finite elements
gromacs : Compute molecular dynamics
gsystem : A multi-user virtual reality evolution and life simulation framework
isaac-cfd : Integrated Solution Algorithm for Arbitrary Configuration
lamprop : Calculates properties of fiber reinforced composites
libsvm-python :
mbdyn : A MultiBody Dynamics analysis system
mcstas : A neutron ray-trace simulation package
omnetpp : A discrete event simulation environment
paraview : ParaView is a powerful scientific data visualization application
qcl : A quantum computer simulator
szip : Lossless compression library for scientific data
udunits : A library for manipulating units of physical quantities
x11iraf : Provides graphical tools to work with IRAF
gerris : A scientific CFD simulator
gnudatalanguage :
py-paida : Pure Python scientific analysis package
InsightToolkit : Insight Toolkit
afni : Advanced Functional Neuro Imaging
dtiquery : Stanford DTI Visualization tool
bft : Code_Saturne Base Functions and Types library
bodr : Chemistry data like element and isotope properties, atomic radii, etc
cdf : Device independent view of the CDF data model
cdo : Climate Data Operators
cgnslib : CFD General Notation System library code CFD General Notation System library code CFD General Notation System library code
chemical-mime-data : A collection of chemical MIME types for UNIX desktops
crf++ : Yet Another CRF toolkit
ecs : Code_Saturne Preprocessor
elmer-eio : ELMER FEM Package Data base Interface
elmer-fem : FEM solver for use in the ELMER FEM package
elmer-hutiter : HUTIter library for use in the ELMER FEM package
elmer-matc : MatC language library used by ELMER FEM package
elmer-meshgen2d : A Mesh Generation Utility for use with the ELMER FEM package
elmerfront : Graphical User Interface for the ELMER FEM package
elmergrid : A Mesh Manipulation Utility for use with the ELMER FEM package
elmerpost : Visualization of Numerical Results in the ELMER FEM package
fastcap : A three-dimensional capacitance extraction program A three-dimensional capacitance extraction program A three-dimensional capacitance extraction program
fasthenry : A multipole-accelerated inductance analysis program A multipole-accelerated inductance analysis program A multipole-accelerated inductance analysis program
fvm : Code_Saturne Finite Volume Mesh
g3data : Utility for extracting data from graphs
gamess : A freely obtainable ab-initio molecular orbital calculation program
ghmm : General Hidden Markov Model Library in C
gsmc : Smith chart program for impedance matching
gtamsanalyzer : Qualitative Research Software for the Free World for GNUstep
gwyddion : A gtk2 based SPM data visualization and analysis tool
ics : Code_Saturne Graphical User Interface
libghemical : Support libraries of science/ghemical port
libint : Evaluate the integrals in modern atomic and molecular theory
liblinear : A library for Large Linear Classification
linsmith : Smith charting program
medit : Interactive meshes visualization
minc : Medical Imaging NetCDF
minc2 : Medical Imaging NetCDF
ncs : Code_Saturne Kernel
netcdf : Library for machine-independent, array-oriented data access
nifticlib : Neuroimaging Infoirmatics Technology Initiative data format
oof : Finite Element Analysis of Real Material Microstructures
openfoam : Open Field Operation and Manipulation - CFD Simulation Toolbox
p5-Algorithm-SVMLight : Perl interface to SVMLight Machine-Learning Package
paje : Generic visualization tool for GNUstep (Gantt chart and more)
pcp : Machine learning program for pattern classification
pnetcdf : A library providing high-performance I/O
svmlight : An implementation of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) in C
v_sim : Visualization of atomic structures
xmds : XMDS is a code generator that integrates equations; XMDS is a code generator that integrates equations; XMDS is a code generator that integrates equations;

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