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FreeBSD russian software list

artwiz-ru : Russian Artwiz fonts
X.language : Setup X locale/nls/keyboard/fonts for russian language (koi8-r)
apache13 : The extremely popular Apache http server. Very fast, very clean
apache13-modssl : The Russian Apache webserver with SSL/TLS functionality
aspell : Aspell Russian dictionary Aspell Russian dictionary Aspell Russian dictionary
cyrproxy : Cyrillic proxy for network protocols
d1489 : Cp866-koi8-r and cp1251-koi8-r decoders and font converter acc. to RFC1489
elm.language : Tune Elm with MIME for KOI8-R defaults
fortuneru : Fortunes in russian
kde3-i18n : Russian messages and documentation for KDE3
koffice-i18n : Russian messages and documentation for koffice
koi2koi : Cyrillic charset auto converter
koi8r-ps : Add Russian (KOI8) fonts to your PostScript fonts collection
ksocrat : KSocrat is the simple English/Russian Russian/English dictionary
libcyrillic : Text manipulation and autodetection for 6 major cyrillic charsets
linux-mozillafirebird : Firebird Web browser: Russian Linux/i386 version
messarge : Tools to mantain UNIX mailboxes
mtc : Multifile text Encoding Converter 1.3
mueller-dic : Mueller English-Russian dictionary
nagios : Extremely powerful network monitoring system with Russian language
p5-Lingua-RU-Charset : Perl extension for detecting and converting various russian character sets
p5-XML-Parser-encodings : Additional russian encodings for XML::Parser
p5-cyrillic : Library for fast and easy cyrillic text manipulation
pgp.language : Russian language module for PGP
pine.language : Tune Pine for Russian (KOI8-R) defaults
prawda : English-Russian translator
pscyr : Cyrillic PostScript Type1 fonts for use with TeX
rispell : Russian (KOI8-R) dictionary for ISPELL
rus-ispell : New Russian dictionaries for ispell
tac+ia : The Cisco remote aaa server (inet-admins edition)
wmcyrx : The cyrillic keyboard layout manager for Window Maker
xcode : A program for converting russian encodings with care to letter YO
xcyrBGR : The bulgarian cyrillic keyboard layout manager for X11
xruskb : A keyboard layout switcher and indicator
fortune-bashorgru : Fortunes from and
rubygem-rutils : Simple processing of russian strings
rux : The best cyrillic text viewer and code page converter
tidyup-mail : Remove unsafe characters from email & make xterm happy
xneur : Auto keyboard switcher
xpi-tabextensions : Improves tabbed browsing

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