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FreeBSD polish software list

aspell : Aspell Polish dictionary Aspell Polish dictionary Aspell Polish dictionary
ekg : Text-mode Gadu-Gadu client
gnugadu : A GaduGadu client for X11/GTK
gnugadu2 : GTK2 based Gadu-Gadu client for X11
kadu : QT Gadu-Gadu client
kde3-i18n : Polish messages and documentation for KDE3
koffice-i18n : Polish messages and documentation for koffice
libtlen : Backend for interoperability with, Polish IM network
sms : Send SMS to cellular phones in Poland (Idea, ERA, Plus)
tleenx2 : Client for polish IM service called
trf : Billing software for traffic counting working with most Polish ISPs
fortunepl : A lot of funny Polish fortune files
sap : A command line Polish-English and English-Polish dictionary
sms2 : Send SMS to cellular phones in Poland (Idea, ERA, Plus)
ekg2 : Text-mode Gadu-Gadu, Jabber and IRC client
libgadu : This library is used by many IMs with Gadu-Gadu support

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