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FreeBSD palm software list

bibelot : Formats and converts text documents into compressed PalmDoc .pdb files
coldsync : Synchronize a PalmPilot with a Unix workstation
gnomepilot-conduits2 : Additional conduits for gnome-pilot2
gnomepilot2 : 3Com PalmPilot conduit system for GNOME 2
hdconv : Converts HanDBase database to CSV, and vice versa
iSiloXC : Converts documents from text/html files or URLs to iSilo format
imgvtopgm : Palm Pilot Image Viewer to PGM Converter
isilo : Converts documents from text/HTML to iSilo format
jfconv : Converts JFile database to CSV, and vice versa
jpilot : Desktop Organizer Software for the Palm Pilot
libmal : A library encapsulating malsync
makeztxt : Command line utility to create GutenPalm's zTXT format databases
malsync : Sync to Mobile Application Link (MAL) compliant servers
mdbconv : Converts CSV to MobileDB database
p5-Palm : Perl 5 modules for reading and writing Palm database files
p5-Palm-PalmDoc : Perl 5 modules for reading and writing PalmDoc files
palmos-sdk : Palm OS SDK
palmpower : Disassembler and other tools for PalmOS binaries
pdbar : Create and manipulate PalmOS database files
pilot-link : Suite of tools used to connect and sync your Palm handled
pilot_makedoc : Converts text into the Doc format used by PalmPilots
pilrc : Resource compiler for Pilot applications
plucker : An offline HTML viewer for PalmOS devices
pose : Palm OS(R) Emulator
ppmtoTbmp : PPM to Pilot bitmap converter
prc-tools : Collection of tools supporting C and C++ programming for Palm OS
rapip : KIO-slave and trayapp for access to WinCE devices
romeo : The Palm ROM Discombobulator
sitescooper : News site downloader for Palm computing devices
syncal : Synchronize your PalmPilot with ical
synce-dccm : Listener daemon for connections from WinCE devices
synce-gnomevfs : Gnome VFS module for WinCE devices
synce-librapi2 : Utilities/libraries to make RAPI calls on WinCE devices
synce-libsynce : Library to support communication with WinCE devices
synce-rra : Remote Replication Agent Connection protocol library
synce-serial : Wrapper for pppd to initiate communications with WinCE devices
synce-trayicon : GNOME tray icon showing battery and storage status of a WinCE device
syncmal : A MAL plugin for jpilot, to synchronize with services like AvantGo
txt2pdbdoc : Converts plain text and HTML files to Palm Pilot Doc formats
uppc-kmod : USB device driver for Windows CE handhelds
kpilot : Hotsync software for KDE
pdbc : Palm DataBase Compiler/Decompiler
synce-kde : SynCE KDE Utilities
synce-multisync : SynCE synchronisation plugin for Multisync
gnome-pilot : PalmPilot conduit system for GNOME 2
gnome-pilot-conduits : Additional conduits for gnome-pilot
jpilot-db : A desktop app for pilot-db
palm-db-tools : Utilities for the PalmOS flat-file database programs

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