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FreeBSD net-mgmt software list

p5-Data-Validate-IP : Common data validation methods for IPs
cacti-spine : A multithreaded poller for Cacti written in C
NeTraMet : Implementation of the Internet Accounting Architecture
TkTopNetFlows : GUI tool for NetFlow data visualisation
aggregate : Optimise a list of route prefixes to help make nice short filters
aguri : An Aggregation-based Traffic Profiler
airport : Apple Airport / Lucent RG-1000 configuration program
angst : An active sniffer
annextools : BSD tools for the MicroAnnex-XL Terminal Server
ap-utils : A set of utilities to configure and monitor wireless access points
apan : Tool for integrating Nagios with RRDTOOL
argus : A generic IP network transaction auditing tool
argus-clients : Client programs for the argus IP network transaction auditing tool
arpscan : Simple arp scanner
arpwatch : Monitor arp & rarp requests
asused : Command-line tool to run a check on the usage of the RIPE Whois DB
arpwatch-devel : Monitor arp & rarp requests
arts++ : A network data storage and analysis library from CAIDA
aspathtree : Checks IPv6 routes' stability and correctness on IPv6 internet
bandwidthd : Tracks bandwidth usage by IP address
bgpq : Bgpq - lightweight access-list generator for cisco routers
bigsister : SNMP-based network and system monitor with web interface
bpft : The BPF Traffic collector
braa : Tool for making SNMP queries
bsd-airtools : BSD Wireless Scanning Tools
cdpd : A daemon to send Cisco Discovery Protocol announces over ethernet
cdpr : Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cfgstoragemk : MRTG configuration generator for storage monitoring via SNMP
cflowd : Flow analysis tool used for analyzing Cisco's NetFlow switching
choparp : Simple proxy arp daemon
cidr : RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
cisco_conf : Simple configuration editor for Cisco devices
ciscoconf : Fetches configuration from Cisco routers and stores them under RCS
clog : Tcp connection logger daemon
confregdecode : Cisco Systems IOS(tm) configuration register decoder
cricket : A high performance, extremely flexible monitoring system
darkstat : Network statistics gatherer and reporter
disco : IP discovery and fingerprinting utility
docsis : DOCSIS(tm) binary configuration file encoder/decoder
driftnet : A Tool to grab images out of (your) TCP connections
echolot : A packet sniffer that grabs ARP packets on any ethernet devices
ehnt : A simple Cisco NetFlow data collector
etherape : A graphical network traffic visualization tool for gnome
ettercap : A network sniffer/interceptor/injector/logger for switched LANs
flowd : The flowd is a small, fast and secure NetFlow collector
flow-extract : Cisco NetFlow awk-like extracting tool
flow-tools : Suite of tools and library to work with netflow data
flowscan : Processes IP flows recorded in cflowd-format raw flow files
fprobe : Tool that collects network traffic data
gps : Ghost Port Scan
icmpmonitor : A multiple host icmp monitoring tool
icmpquery : Small utility for finding out time & netmask through ICMP
ifgraph : Simple grapher of SNMP data with RRD
iftop : Display bandwidth usage on an interface by host
iog : Graphs Byte Counts for switches/routers/etc
ipacctd : IP accounting using divert socket
ipaudit : IP traffic summarizer
ipcad : IP accounting daemon with Cisco-like RSH and NetFlow export
ipcalc : IP Calculator
ipfm : A bandwidth analysis tool
ipv6calc : Convert, change and calculate with IPv6 addresses
irrtoolset : A suite of routing policy tools to interact with the IRR
jffnms : Very advanced network monitoring and control system
isic : IP Stack Integrity Checker
junipoll : JUNIper router snmp POLLer for firewall filter counters
kismet : 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and IDS
knowlan : ARP-based LAN IP and MAC Address Extractor
libsmi : A library to access SMI MIB information
mbrowse : An SNMP MIB Browser for X
mrtg : The multi-router traffic grapher
nagios : Extremely powerful network monitoring system
nagios-plugins : Plugins for Nagios
nagios-silfreed-plugins : Additional SNMP plugins for Nagios from
nagios-snmp-plugins : Additional SNMP plugins for Nagios
nagiostat : Nagiostat parses performance-data from Nagios and generates graphs
nat : NetBIOS auditing tool
nbtscan : NetBIOS name network scanner
nefu : A network monitoring daemon
net-snmp : An extendable SNMP implementation
net-snmp-tkmib : An extendable SNMP implementation (tkmib part)
net-snmp4 : An extendable SNMP implementation
netams : Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software
netmask : Tool for generating terse netmasks in several common formats
netqc : Network Monitoring System based on Net-Snmp
netsaint : Extremely powerful network monitoring system
netsaint-plugins : Plugins for netsaint
netspoc : A Network Security Policy Compiler
netustad : A Web based admin tool that manages network services
netwox : Netwox a network testing toolbox
nrg : Tool for visualizing network and resource utilization data
p5-SNMP-Info : A perl5 module for gathering information from network devices
nitpicker : IP flow Accounting tools
nocol : Network/Service monitoring software
nrpe : Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
nrpep : A netsaint addon for running plugins on remote hosts
nsc : Netsaint Console monitor
nsca : Nagios Service Check Acceptor
nstreams : Analyses network traffic and produces ipfw rules to allow it
openvmps : A GPL implementation of the VMPS protocol
oproute : A tool for measuring general performance of the Internet
p0f : Passive OS fingerprinting tool
p5-Altoids : SNMP get/walk functionality with built-in name to OID translation
p5-Cflow : Analyze raw flow files written by cflowd (Cisco NetFlow data)
p5-JUNOScript : API to exchange information with Juniper Networks routers
p5-Mon : A perl module that supports mon, a network and system monitoring daemon
p5-Net-CIDR : Perl module to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation
p5-Net-IP : Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
p5-Net-IPv4Addr : Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses
p5-Net-IPv6Addr : Perl extension for manipulating IPv6 addresses
p5-Net-Netmask : Perl module to parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks
p5-Net-SNMP : A perl module for SNMP... Net::SNMP
p5-Net-SNMP3 : Net::SNMP for pre-5.6 perl
p5-NetAddr-IP : Perl module for working with IP addresses and blocks thereof
p5-SNMP : A perl5 module for interfacing with the CMU SNMP library
p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler : A Perl MIB compiler supporting both SMIv1 and SMIv2
p5-SNMP-Util : Perl modules to perform SNMP set,get,walk,next,walk_hash etc
p5-SNMP_Session : A perl5 module providing rudimentary access to SNMPv1 and v2 agents
p5-Telnet-Cisco : Perl5 module to telnet to Cisco routers
p5-Tie-NetAddr-IP : Tie::NetAddr::IP - Implements a Hash where the key is a subnet
packit : Network auditing tool
pancho : Network devices management tool using TFTP and SNMP
pixilate : Generates packets to match a list of Cisco PIX access lists
pmacct : Accounting and aggregation tool for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic Accounting and aggregation tool for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic Accounting and aggregation tool for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
portmon : Daemon that monitor network services
py-ipy : A Python module for handling IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses and Networks
py-snmp : SNMP framework for Python
rancid : Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rate : A traffic analysis command-line utility
remarp : An SNMP-based ARP watcher
rotorouter : Traceroute attempt logger and result spoofer
ruby-snmp : Ruby interface to UCD-SNMP library
satellite : A system for tracking machines with dynamic IP addresses
scdp : "Tool that sends CDP (CISCO Discovery Protocol) Packets"
scli : A collection of SNMP command line management tools
scotty3 : Network management extensions to tcl
sdig : Translate IP/DNS/WINS/MAC address into port description
softflowd : Softflowd is flow-based network traffic analyser with export
sendip : SendIP is a commandline tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets
sing : Tool for sending customized ICMP packets
sipcalc : Sipcalc is an IP subnet calculator with IPv6 support
slate : Simple traffic analysis and data reporting collection server for LFAP
snmptt : SNMP trap handler/translator/swiss-army-knife
sting : A tool that measures end-to-end TCP connection characteristics
subcalc : Advanced IP/IPv6 subnet calculation and discovery
sysmon : A network tool designed for high performance and accurate monitoring
tas : Traffic accounting system
tcpreplay : A tool to replay saved packet capture files
trafd : The BPF Traffic Collector
whatmask : Easily convert between three common subnet mask notations
wide-dhcp : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, WIDE Implementation
zabbix : Application and network monitoring solution
netmond : Netmond - IP network monitoring daemon
netwag : A graphical front end for netwox
nrpe2 : Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
tork : TorK is an Anonymity Manager for the KDE Desktop
grepcidr : Filter IP addresses matching IPv4 CIDR/network specification
ipplan : IP address management and tracking
ipv6gen : IPv6 prefix generator
nagios12 : Extremely powerful network monitoring system
nav : Network Administration Visualized
nfdump : Command-line tools to collect and process NetFlow data
nfsen : Web based frontend to nfdump netflow collector
ng_ipacct : Netgraph IP accounting
p5-POE-Component-SNMP : Event-driven SNMP interface
pads : Passively detect network assets
py-flowtools : Python extension module for reading flow-tools' data
py-yapsnmp : Python SNMP module based on net-snmp
tcptrack : Packet sniffer which displays TCP information like top(1)
yabm : Yet Another Bandwidth Meter, somewhat resembles the Linux bwbar
bsnmpd : A mini-SNMP daemon
grepip : Print lines contans IP matching a pattern in CIDR format
nagios-spamd-plugin : Nagios plugin for checking SpamAssassins spamd
netleak : Tool to detect connectivity between network segments
pfpro : Cross-platform GUI fat client for PF
torrus : The Data Series Processing Framework - think mrtg with xml configs
aircrack-ng : Aircrack-ng is the next generation of aircrack with new features
argus-monitor : Argus - The All Seeing System and Network Monitoring Software
arpalert : ARP traffic monitoring
bsnmp-regex : A bsnmpd module allowing creation of counters from log files
bsnmptools : Snmp client tools
bwm-ng : A small and simple bandwidth monitor
cacti : Web-driven graphing interface for RRDTool
fetchconfig : Perl script for retrieving configuration of various network devices
chillispot : Wireless LAN Access Point Controller
collectd : Systems & network statistics collection daemon
flowviewer : Web-based user interface for the flow-tools NetFlow data
fruity : Fruity is a PHP based web-frontend to your Nagios configuration Fruity is a PHP based web-frontend to your Nagios configuration Fruity is a PHP based web-frontend to your Nagios configuration
gsnmp : SNMP library written on top of glib and gnet2
horde-nic : Network service monitor Network service monitor Network service monitor
ipacco : Web based tool to analyze Cisco IP accounting data
ipsectrace : IPSEC Traffic Profiler
macroscope : User and IP traffic management with Web interface
mrtg-ping-probe : A Round Trip Time and Packet Loss Probe for MRTG
mtrace : Multicast traceroute program for IPv4
nagcon : Nagios console monitor
nagios-certexp-plugin : Nagios plugin for checking SSL server certificate expiration
nagios-devel : Extremely powerful network monitoring system Extremely powerful network monitoring system Extremely powerful network monitoring system
nagios-pf-plugin : Nagios plugin for checking PF
nagios-radauth-plugin : Nagios plugin for checking radius server
nagiosgraph : Generate rrdtool\'s graphs by performance data from nagios plugins
nagircbot : IRC bot for Nagios
ndpmon : On-link icmpv6 message monitoring and reporting daemon
nedi : Network Discovery and Monitoring tool Network Discovery and Monitoring tool Network Discovery and Monitoring tool
netdisco : Web-based network management tool for moderate to large networks
nettop : A program which looks like top, but is for network packets
netxms : NetXMS - network monitoring system
nfdump-devel : Development version of tools to collect and process NetFlow data
nfsen-devel : Development version of web based frontend to nfdump Development version of web based frontend to nfdump Development version of web based frontend to nfdump
nipper : Netdev config analyzer
ocsinventory-agent : Keep track of the computers configuration and software
ocsinventory-ng : Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation
openlldp : Link Layer Discovery Protocol daemon Link Layer Discovery Protocol daemon Link Layer Discovery Protocol daemon
ourmon : A libpcap-based network monitoring and anomaly detection system
p5-Cisco-Reconfig : Parse and generate Cisco configuration files
p5-NSNMP : NSNMP - fast, flexible, low-level, pure-Perl SNMP library
p5-Nagios-Plugin : Modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins
p5-Net-ACL : Class representing a generic access-list/route-map
p5-Net-IP-Match-Regexp : Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges via regexp
p5-Net-IP-Match-XS : Efficiently match IP addresses against IP ranges
p5-Net-IP-Resolver : Net::IP::Resolver - Resolve IPs to a particular network
p5-NetAddr-IP-Lite : IPv4/6 and 128 bit number utilities
pftabled : The pftabled is a tool to manage your pf tables remotely
phpip : A complete IPv4 IPAM (IP address management) suite
pktstat : Network traffic viewer
py-snmp2 : SNMP framework for Python
py-snmp4 : SNMP framework for Python
py-snmp4-apps : Command line utilities for pysnmp4
py-snmp4-mibs : Additional python MIB files for pysnmp4 and friends
py-twistedSNMP : Twisted Python framework for doing SNMP stuff
rancid-devel : Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rcpd : RCP server for routers and network devices
routers2 : Frontend for the MRTG system monitoring software
routers2-extensions : Extensions of routers2 frontend
routers2-extras : Extra extensions and scripts for routers2 frontend
rubygem-snmp : SNMP library for Ruby
send : Secure Neighbor Discovery implementation for IPv6
sjitter : A client/server jitter measurement utility
smokeping : Latency logging and graphing system
snmp++ : SNMP C++ library with V3 support
spectools : Tools for the 2.4GHz Wi-Spy spectrum analyzers from MetaGeek LLC
tknetmon : GUI for network monitoring tool "netmond" ( net-mgmt/netmond )
vidalia : A graphical Tor controller based on Qt 4.x
wdiag : Utility to collect DSL line stats from Westell DSL modems
weathermap : This tool displays the utilization of the network links
weplab : WepLab is a tool designed to teach how WEP works
zabbix-agent : Application and network monitoring solution
p5-SNMP-Simple : Shortcuts for when using p5-SNMP
p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco-IOS : Manage Cisco IOS Devices
p5-Nagios-Plugins-Memcached : Module to check memcached via nagios
hobbit-server : System for monitoring servers and networks
hobbit-client : System for monitoring servers and networks - Client
bsnmp-ucd : A bsnmpd module that implements parts of UCD-SNMP-MIB

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