May 26, 2018

Supplement file for lookup to use “Random House”

srd.el is a supplement file to use “Random House” on lookup. “Random House” is produced by Shogakukan Inc. You can get more detail information written in Japanese from

WWW http//

[TO USE] 1 Get “Random House” from somewhere.

2 Install it by using /usr/ports/japanese/srd-fpw The port converts it into a files formatted “JIS X 4081” by FreePWING. Then install MID, WAV, AVI files from CD-ROM by hand.

3 Add the following lines into your ~/.emacs

require ‘lookup-package setq lookup-search-agents ‘ndeb “/usr/local/share/dict/srd-fpw” setq lookup-package-directory “/usr/local/share/dict/package” lookup-use-package “ndeb+/usr/local/share/dict/srd-fpw” “srd-fpw” setq srd-fpw-image-directory “/usr/local/share/dict/srd-fpw” ;; a directory having img.dat installed by the package ja-srd-fpw setq srd-fpw-sound-directory “/cdrom/srd/DATA” ;; a directory having srdra.bnd in CD-ROM setq srd-fpw-play-realaudio-process “realplay” setq srd-fpw-display-image-process “display” if featurep ‘xemacs progn setq srd-fpw-image-inline t