May 26, 2018

Text converter from plain to any format

plain2 r2.54 1994/04 by A.Uchida NEC Corporation

usage plain2 [options] [files …] —- parser options —- —- output options —-default -table=dd table factor [0-100]def=50 -roff troff output -exam=dd example factor[0-100]def=50 -ms/-mm troff macro mm -indsec sections can be indented -tex tex output -ktableenable JIS keisen table -tstyle=sstex style -ref figure/picture reference -renum renumbering only -[no]listdlist decoration on —- Others —- -[no]spacespacing on -v verbose output -[no]pre preamble block on -dLevel debug level -[no]acursec section numbers off —– experimental —- -raw quote special charsoff -pt=Size font size -jis JIS code output -sjis Shift-JIS code input/output -f file output customization