May 26, 2018

Pseudo cannaserver which wraps some other input engines

Esecanna pretends to be a cannaserver and listens to canna clients. It interprets to one of the VJE 3.0/2.5 or Wnn6 servers what they say, then passes through to them what it results.

You’ll have to install one of the esecanna modules to run it.

With this, you can use VJE 3.0/2.5 or Wnn6’s smart input engine also from the console applications.

[   canna clients  ] mule, jvim, etc.
      ||    /\
      \/    ||
[     esecanna     ] esecannaserver + vje30,wnn6 module
      ||    /\
      \/    ||
[   input engine   ] vjed or jserver

Further information is found on the following web site

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