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anope : A set of IRC services for IRC networks
bitchx :
bitlbee : An IRC to other chat networks gateway
blackened : The Blackened IRC Client
bnc : A simple IRC relay proxy with support for virtual hosting
bobot++ : An IRC bot written in C++
ctrlproxy : Flexible IRC proxy
dancer : An IRC bot written in C for UNIX, Windows, and AmigaOS
dancer-ircd : An irc daemon based on hybrid ircd
dancer-services : The IRC services (nickserv, chanserv, etc.) for dancer-ircd
darkbot : IRC talking bot with a very fast algorithm for its database
dcc : DCC support program for irchat-pj
dircproxy : A detachable irc proxy server with many features
eggcreator : Eggdrop.conf creator
eggdrop : The most popular open source Internet Relay Chat bot
epic4 : The (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
erc : ERC is an Emacs InternetRelayChat client
ezbounce : A highly configurable IRC Proxy
garnaxfs : A file serving bot for IRC
gdesklets-irc : An IRC display and sensor for gdesklets
gruftistats : Produces a web page of statistics and quotes from IRC channel logs
gseen.mod : A seen-module for the eggdrop IRC bot
hybserv : HybServ2 IRCD Services
icbirc : Proxy IRC client and ICB server
iip : Secure and Anonymous Instant Messaging
infobot : Bot written in Perl with a rabid AI
insub : Some scripts for expressing how you feel on irc and the web
irc : The "Internet Relay Chat" Server
ircII : The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client
ircd-hybrid : A fast irc daemon with a number of new features
ircd-hybrid-ru : Russian version of well known hybrid IRC server
ircd-ru : An irc daemon with translation schemes and other useful features
irchat-pj-emacs20 : IRC client which runs under Emacsen
ircproxy : An IRC proxy/bouncer daemon
ircservices : A system of IRC services for IRC networks
iroffer-lamm : An IRC "bot" that makes sharing files via DCC extremely easy
irssi-dcc_send_limiter : Irssi plugin to limit the transmit speed of DCC sends
irssi-xmpp : Irssi-xmpp is an irssi plugin to connect to the Jabber network
kvirc-devel : IRC client for QT and KDE
nefarious : IRC server used by evilnet based off of Undernet\'s ircu
p5-Bot-BasicBot : Simple irc bot baseclass
p5-IRC-Bot-Hangman : An IRC hangman bot
iroffer : An IRC "bot" that makes sharing files via DCC extremely easy
irssi :
irssistats : Generate IRC statistics based on irssi logs
kmyirc : Easy to use IRC client for KDE
konversation : A user friendly IRC client for KDE
kvirc : IRC client for QT and KDE
kwirc : IRC client for KDE
liece : Yet another IRC client which runs under Emacsen
liece-dcc : DCC support program for Liece
lostirc : A simple and minimal IRC client for X
miau : A fully featured easy to use IRC-bouncer
muh : A smart irc-bouncing-tool that remains on IRC all the time
nethirc : Perl-based IRC client that uses Net::IRC
ngircd : Free open source daemon for Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
ninja : Another ircII based irc client
olirc : A small irc client using GTK+
onis : A script that converts IRC logfiles into an HTML statistics page
p5-IRC : Perl5 modules to implement the IRC protocol (RFC 1459)
p5-POE-Component-IRC : A fully event-driven IRC client module
p5-POE-Component-IRC-Object : A slightly simpler OO interface to POE::Component::IRC
party : Simple multi-user chat system
pircbot : PircBot Java IRC Bot Framework
pisg : A Perl IRC Statistics Generator
psybnc : Extremely powerful IRC bouncer Extremely powerful IRC bouncer Extremely powerful IRC bouncer
pure-emacs20 : Primitive Universal Relay-chat Environment
py-irclib : IRC protocol client library for Python
py-supybot : Supybot - A Superb Python IRC bot
quirc : An irc client for the X Window System that uses TCL/TK
rbot : Ruby IRC bot similar to infobot
roxirc : A tcl/tk irc client
ruby-irc : IRC client framework for Ruby
ruby-rica : Another IRC client framework for Ruby
ruby-rice : Yet another IRC interface library for Ruby
scrollz : Enhanced ircII client that supports scripts, colors, and more
scrollz-doc : The docs for the scrollz irc client
sic : Another 'Internet Relay Chat' Client
sirc : Small (150k), fast, perl-based IRC client
sircd : The Smart IRC Daemon
slirc : A SLang-based IRC client
srvx : Srvx IRC services
tirc : Token's 'Internet Relay Chat' Client
tircproxy : IRC proxy server
tkirc : A GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
tr-ircd : An irc daeemon based on Bahamut and hybrid-7
trickyirc : Allows client independent detaching and reattaching of IRC sessions
undernet-ircu : Undernet IRCU irc daemon
unreal : Unreal - the next generation ircd
weechat : A lightweight and user friendly ncurse based IRC client
xaric : IRC Client similer to BitchX or ircII
xchat : An X11 IRC client using the GTK+ 2 toolkit
xchat-gnome : An IRC client for GNOME 2 (development version)
xchat-systray-plugin : Systray icon plugin for X-Chat
xchat2 : An X11 IRC client using the GTK+ 2 toolkit
zircon : An X11 interface to Internet Relay Chat
bopm : Open proxy and DNSBL monitor, designed for use with ircds
epic5 : The (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
evangeline : IRC Bot based on Eggdrop
fisg : Fast IRC statistics generator
ircd-rusnet : RusNet Internet Relay Chat Server
irssi-fish : An encryption plugin for irssi An encryption plugin for irssi An encryption plugin for irssi
netwalker-ircc : A lightweight curses-based IRC client
pear-Net_SmartIRC : PEAR class for communication with IRC networks
ptlink-ircd : PTlink IRC daemon
ptlink-services : PTlink IRC services
riece : IRC client for Emacs
solid-ircd : Solid Internet Relay Chat Daemon based on bahamut IRCd
thales : GNU Thales -- An IRC to MySQL gateway
xchat-ecl-plugin : X-Chat 2.x plugin to allow Common Lisp scripting
xchat-fish : An encryption plugin for XChat An encryption plugin for XChat An encryption plugin for XChat
xchat-mircryption : A free encryption add-on for the popular XChat irc client A free encryption add-on for the popular XChat irc client A free encryption add-on for the popular XChat irc client
irssi-xmpp-devel : Irssi-xmpp-snapshot is the irssi-xmmp cvs snapshot
cgiirc : IRC web gateway written in Perl
gaim-irchelper : Gaim plugin that enhances the usability of the IRC protocol
ircg : Gateway betwean IRC server and PHP-powered Web server
irssi-devel : A modular IRC client with many features
irssi-scripts : Collection of useful scripts for the irssi IRC-client
keitairc : IRC proxy for mobilephone that have a web interface
py-supybot-plugins : Official plugin pack for Supybot
dircproxy-devel : A detachable irc proxy server with many features
inspircd : A modular C++ IRC daemon
ircd-ratbox : An advanced, stable IRC daemon, used on many EFnet servers
ircd-ratbox-devel : Advanced, stable IRC daemon, used widely on EFnet ('testing' release)
irchat-jp : IRC client for Emacs, derived from irchat
irchat-pj-emacs21 : IRC client which runs under Emacsen
p5-POE-Filter-IRCD : A POE-based parser for the IRC protocol
pure-emacs21 : Primitive Universal Relay-chat Environment
py-gozerbot : Gozerbot - A modular Python IRC and Jabber bot
ratbox-respond : Client-side implementation of the challenge oper system in ircd-ratbox
ratbox-services : A highly configurable services package for use with ircd-ratbox
talksoup : IRC client for GNUstep
xchat1 : An X11 IRC client using the GTK+ toolkit, and optionally, GNOME
bip : A simple IRC proxy with SSL support
znc : An advanced IRC bouncer

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