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FreeBSD finance software list

aqbanking : Online banking interface and financial data framework
aqmoney : Manage your credit institute accounts using openhbci
cbb : Checkbook balancing tool
emma : A personal finance manager for Gnome
gnofin : Light-weight GNOME based financial management program
gnomepm : A small GNOME app that collects stock information from Yahoo!(c) Finance
gnucash : Quicken-like money and finance manager
gnucash-docs : Documentation for gnucash
grisbi : A personnal accounting application
kexchange : KDE currency converter
khacc : Simple KDE-based financial manager
kmymoney2 : KDE-based personal finance assistant
ktoblzcheck : Check bank codes of German banks
libofx : OpenSource implementation of the OFX (Open Financial eXchange)
libstocks : A C library which can be used to fetch stocks quotes
mybudget : Gtk+-2 finance manager
myphpmoney : A PHP script for managing your accounts
opale : A very simple personal bank account manager for KDE and KOffice
openhbci : HBCI is a bank-independent homebanking standard
p5-Business-CreditCard : Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
p5-Business-OCV : An interface to the Ingenico OCV Server
p5-Business-OnlinePayment : A generic interface for processing online credit card payments
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-2CheckOut : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for 2CheckOut authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-AuthorizeNet : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Authorize.Net
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-BankOfAmerica : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Bank of America eStores
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Beanstream : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Beanstream
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Cardstream : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Cardstream
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Jettis : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Jettis
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-LinkPoint : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for LinkPoint
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-MerchantCommerce : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for MerchantCommerce authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-Network1Financial : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Network1 Financial
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-OCV : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for OCV
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PayConnect : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for PaymentOne PayConnect
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PaymentsGateway : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for ACH Direct
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-SurePay : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for SurePay authorization service
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-TCLink : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for TrustCommerce
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-VirtualNet : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for Vital VirtualNet
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-eSec : An Business::OnlinePayment backend module for eSec
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-iAuthorizer : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for iAuthorizer
p5-Business-WorldPay-Junior : Perl module to handle WorldPay Junior for payment services
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert : Convert currencies and fetch their exchange rates
p5-Finance-Quote : Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges
p5-Finance-QuoteHist : Perl module for fetching historical stock quotes
p5-Math-Financial : Perl module containing common functions for loans and annuities
qhacc : Simple QT-based financial manager
quantlib : A comprehensive software framework for quantitative finance
wmstock : Cool WindowMaker Dockapp that shows stock ticker(s)
xinvest : A personal finance tracking and performance tool
xquote : A quote retrieval tool for X
ledger : John Wiegley's command line accounting program
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert-XE : Finance::Currency::Convert::XE - Currency conversion module
qtstalker : Commodity and stock market charting and technical analysis
venice : Merchant Of Venice, a stock market trading program
xtrader : Technical analysis program for financial instruments
ccard : A command line offline credit card validator/analyzer
sql-ledger : A double entry accounting system
p5-Business-TW-Invoice-U420 : Print Taiwan Unified Invoice with U420 printer
p5-Business-MaxMind-CreditCardFraudDetection : Interface to MaxMind minFraud service
eqonomize : A peronal accounting software
expense : Application to track your expense under GNUstep
gfp : Personal finances administration software
homebank : Manage your personal accounts at home
ledgersmb : A double entry accounting system
opentaxsolver : US tax prep software
p5-Business-OnlinePayment-PayflowPro : A Business::OnlinePayment backend module for PayflowPro
p5-Business-PayPal-IPN : Perl extension that implements PayPal IPN v1.5
p5-Finance-Amortization : Simple amortization schedules
p5-Finance-Currency-Convert-WebserviceX : Lightweight currency conversion using WebserviceX.NET
p5-Finance-TW-EmergingQuote : Check stock quotes from Taiwan Emerging Stock
p5-Finance-TW-TSEQuote : Check stock quotes from Taiwan Security Exchange
p5-Locale-Currency-Format : Perl functions for formatting monetary values
p5-PFProAPI : Perl bindings for VeriSign's PayFlow Pro SDK
p5-PayflowPro : Pure Perl PayflowPro payment gateway interface
pfpro : SDK for VeriSign's PayFlow Pro
sabernetdcs-client : SaberNet DCS - A labor data collection system
tinyerp-server : Open source application ERP & CRM in Python using Postgresql
p5-Business-TW-TSIB-CStorePayment : Module for Taishin Bank Convenient Store Payment Management
p5-Business-TW-TSIB-VirtualAccount : Module for Taishin Bank Virtual Account Management
p5-Data-Currency : Container class for currency conversion/formatting

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