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pdfedit : Free editor for manipulating PDF documents (QT3 GUI and CLI)
dkns : Simple console text editor.
2bsd-vi : The original vi editor, updated to run on modern OSes
AbiWord2 : An open-source, cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
MathPlanner : A mathematical design and publishing application
aee : An easy editor with both curses and X11 interfaces
aewan : Curses-based program for the creation and editing of ascii art
asedit : Text editor for X/Motif
axe : Simple to use text editor for X
beav : Binary Editor And Viewer, a full featured binary file editor
beaver : A programmer's text editor for GTK+ 2.0
bed : Variable dataformat binary editor
biew : Binary vIEWer + editor for binary, hexadecimal and dis-asm modes
bitedit : Bitedit is a simple ncurses program for editing a file
boiling-egg : A front-end of Egg V4
bpatch : A hex editor that doesn't load the whole file at once
bvi : A vi-like binary file (hex)editor
chexedit : Full screen text mode Hex editor using the [n]curses library
color-mate : Color customizing module for Emacsen
conglomerate : GNOME2 visual XML editor with emphasis on DocBook editing
cooledit : Suite of utilities, including a GUI editor
gedit : A small but powerful text editor for GNOME 2 Desktop Environment
custom-emacs :
custom-mule : The Custom Library for mule
dedit : A simple GNOME i18n editor
dte : A text editor which uses many of the shortcuts used in MSDOS EDIT
e3 : A full featured text editor written in assembler
e93 : A nifty editor based on Tcl/Tk
edith : A X11 GUI editor for binary and plain text files
elvis : A clone of the ex/vi text editor
em : Full screen editor based on MicroEMACS
emacs : GNU editing macros
emacs-devel : GNU editing macros
komodo-edit : Multi-language editor from ActiveState
emacs19 : GNU editing macros
emacs20 :
emacs20-dl : GNU editing macros with dynamic loading module function (binary only)
emacs20-mule-devel : GNU editing macros with dl module function and mule 4.1(binary only)
eshell-emacs20 : Command shell implemented in emacs lisp
fb : Binary File Viewer, Editor, & Manipulator (and a lot more)
fpc-ide : Free Pascal integrated IDE/compiler
fte : A full-featured text editor for X11
gate : A simple and unobtrusive line-oriented text editor
gedit-plugins : Plugins for GEdit 2
gedit2 : A small but powerful text editor for Gnome 2 Desktop Environment
ghex2 : GNOME 2 hex editor
glimmer : A full featured code editor for GNOME with many advanced features
gmanedit : A GNOME manpages editor
gnome2-office : GNOME 2 office applications GNOME 2 office applications GNOME 2 office applications
gnotepad+ : Simple GTK-based text/HTML editor
gnuserv : A standalone release of gnuserv for GNU Emacs
gxedit : A simple GTK+ editor
hexcurse : A versatile ncurses-based hex editor
hexedit : View and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
hexpert : Hexpert - a simple but flexible binary file editor
hnb : Hierarchical NoteBook a data organizer
hte : A file editor/viewer/analyzer for executables
iiimecf : Internet/Intranet Input Method Emacs Client Framework for GNU Emacs 20
impress : Publishing and presentation tool
jed : A SLang-based text editor
jedit : Powerful programmer\'s text editor written in Java
jedit-devel : Powerful programmer\'s text editor written in Java Powerful programmer\'s text editor written in Java Powerful programmer\'s text editor written in Java
jext : Powerful 100% pure Java text editor
joe : Joe's Own Editor
joe-devel : Development version of Joe's own editor
jove : Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs
kate-plugins : Additonal plugins and features for kate
kile : A LaTeX source editor for KDE
koffice-kde3 : Office Suite for KDE3
kxmleditor : XML editor for KDE
le : Text editor
led : A tiny text editor, with a number of useful programming features
leim20 : Libraries of (GNU) Emacs Input Method
leim21 : Libraries of (GNU) Emacs Input Method
leo : Advanced outline editor for programmers
lfhex : Large file hex editor
lpe : A "lightweight programmer's editor" with syntax highlighting
manedit : A UNIX manual page editor and viewer
mg : A small, fast Emacs-like editor
mlview : A tree oriented XML editor for Gnome
mode-info : Functions to refer Manuals on Emacsen with describe-* like interface
mp : A programming text editor
muggy : A simple text editor for the X on TkStep
mule :
mule-common : For a multilingual emacs, emacs lisp files, info pages, etc (except executables)
nano : Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
nedit : An X11/Motif GUI text editor for programs and plain text files
nvi-devel : Development snapshot of the world-renown nvi editor
nvi-m17n :
nvi-perl : A clone of vi/ex, with perl5 linked into
nxml-emacs21 : A major mode for editing XML documents for emacs21
offix-editor : Editor from OffiX
ooodict-all :
openoffice-1.0 :
openoffice-1.1 :
openoffice-1.1-devel :
openoffice-2.0-devel :
slime : Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs
pico : PIne's message COmposition editor
poedit : Gettext catalogs (.po files) editor
psgml : A major mode for editing SGML and XML documents for ${EMACS_PORT_NAME}
psgml-emacs19 : A major mode for editing SGML and XML documents for emacs19
psgml-emacs20 : A major mode for editing SGML and XML documents for emacs20
psgml-mule : A major mode for editing SGML and XML documents for mule
psgml-xemacs21-mule : A major mode for editing SGML and XML documents for XEmacs with Mule
puff : Simple and efficient text editor
qemacs : Quick Emacs - a very small but powerful UNIX editor
richtext : A simple RTF editor
rox-edit : Text editor for the ROX desktop
sam : A unix version of Rob Pike's editor for plan9
scite : A full-featured SCIntilla based Text Editor for GTK/GNOME
speedbar : Quick access to files and tags in an Emacs frame
ssed : Super-sed - a heavily enhanced version of sed
staroffice5 : Integrated wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart/browser
staroffice52 : Integrated wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart/browser
staroffice60 : Wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart
staroffice70 : Wordprocessor/dbase/spreadheet/drawing/chart
sted : Simple/Small/Stupid Text Editor
tamago : The Multilingual Input Method - Egg V4
tea : A simple and powerful GTK+ text editor A simple and powerful GTK+ text editor A simple and powerful GTK+ text editor
ted : X11 based RTF editor
tetradraw : Fully featured ANSI art editor/viewer with TCP/IP multidraw support
texmacs : A free WYSIWYG scientific text editor
texmaker : LaTeX Development Environment
textedit : The OpenLook textedit application
the : "The Hessling Editor", an implementation of the xedit editor
thoteditor : An structured document editor, offering a graphical WYSIWYG interface
tpad : Windows XP (TM) enhanced Notepad clone written in Tcl/Tk
tree-widget : A tree widget for Emacs
uemacs : A full screen editor
uzap : Visual binary file editor
ved : A small and fast screen-oriented editor
vigor : A vi clone inspired by the userfriendly comic strip
vile : VI Like Emacs. a vi "workalike", with many additional features
vilearn : An interactive tutorial for the vi editor
vim :
vim5 : Vi "workalike", with many additional features
vimpart : KDE wrapper for gvim
wily : A clone of the Plan9 editor `acme'
xcoral : A multiwindow mouse-based text editor for X
xed : A text editor for X
xemacs :
xemacs-devel : This port tracks the development (GAMMA) version of the XEmacs text editor
xemacs-devel-mule :
xemacs-mule-packages : XEmacs elisp packages for Mule(mule-packages)
xemacs-packages : Basic XEmacs elisp packages(xemacs-packages)
xemacs21-mule :
xml2rfc-xxe : An xml2rfc configuration for XMLMind XML Editor
xenon : Simple X-based text editor
xmleditor : XML editor
xvile : VI Like Emacs, X11 version -- a fully "X aware" vi work-alike
yudit : Multi-lingual unicode text editor with TTF support
zed : Simple, small, fast, highly configurable text editor
zile : Small emacs-like text editor
zoinks : An X11 programmer's editor and development environment
xmlcopyeditor : Fast validating XML editor
cream : Gvim extension with many features
abiword : An open-source, cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
abiword-devel : An open-source, cross-platform WYSIWYG word processor
abiword-plugins : Multi-plugins for AbiWord
abiword-plugins-devel : Multi-plugins for AbiWord
bless : A high quality, full featured hex editor
code-browser : A Folding Text Editor
ghex : GNOME 2 hex editor
gphpedit : PHP, HTML and CSS development environment for GNOME 2.x
leafpad : GTK+ based simple text editor
mined : Text mode editor with Unicode support
teco : Powerful and compact editor with nongrafical user interface
winefish : A LaTeX editor based on BlueFish A LaTeX editor based on BlueFish A LaTeX editor based on BlueFish
doxymacs : Doxymacs is Doxygen + {X}Emacs
gedit-autocomplete-plugin : A simple autocompletion plugin for gedit
gobby : A free collaborative editor
jed-devel : A SLang-based text editor. Development version
joe2 :
ne : Nice and powerfull editor : : : : :
setedit : Programmer's editor with a nice Text User Interface (TUI)
spe : Stani's Python Editor
apel :
cle : Command Line Editor (based on readline)
codeeditor : CodeEditor is a text and code editor for GNUstep
drjava : A lightweight IDE for writing Java programs : The GNU Emacs editor on GNUstep
emacs21 : GNU editing macros
etoile-typewriter : General text editor for plain and rich format text
f4l : An open source development environment for Macromedia Flash
flim :
klat : A LaTeX source editor for KDE
lazarus : A portable Delphi-like IDE for the FreePascal compiler
madedit : An open-source and cross-platform text/hex editor
mondrian : Mondrian Ruby IDE
morla : A RDF editor
mousepad : Simple xfce editor
nxml : A major mode for editing XML documents for ${EMACS_PORT_NAME}
ooo-build : Community enhanced/bug fixed version of : : :
rospell : QT-based editor with support for romanian charsets and spell checking QT-based editor with support for romanian charsets and spell checking QT-based editor with support for romanian charsets and spell checking
scribes : Slick yet powerful text editor for GNOME
semi :
softmaker-office : Microsoft Word/Excel OpenDocument and editor
ssam : Stream editor that uses the UTF routines with the sam(1) command set : Basic text editor for GNUstep
treeform : A Linguistic Syntax/Semantics tree drawing editor
vim6 :
xxe : A validating XML editor featuring a word processor-like view
yui : Rich-featured multi-windows console text editor
zim : WYSIWYG text editor written in Gtk2-Perl
pico-alpine : [Al]PIne's message COmposition editor and Pilot file manager

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