Jul 20, 2023

Moving mascot on your X11 screen

XMascot displays a moving mascot on your X11 screen. XMascot has the following options

  • Moving pretty mascot moving
  • Stretch stretch it as you like
  • Talking mascot talks with extract command and data
  • Alarm mascot may make some actions at defined time
  • BIFF mascot may let you know arriving a mail

XMascot supports these image formats

  • MAG *.mag 16 colors and 256 colors
  • TIFF *.tif 16 colors and 256 colors, in raw or lzw
  • PPM *.ppm 256 level color, in raw
  • PGM *.pgm 256 level gray scale, in raw
  • PBM *.pbm 2 level monochrome, in raw
  • PNM *.pnm PPM, PGM, or PBM

XMascot distinguishes images from their suffix and can load other image formats when corresponding *topnm, *topgm, or *topbm commands are found in your system.

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