Jul 20, 2023

Multilingual X11 terminal emulator

mlterm is a multilingual X11 terminal emulator. mlterm has these features.

  • multilingual [supported charsets] US_ASCII,ISO8859[1-11],ISO8859[13-16],TCVN5712,VISCII,KOI8_R,KOI8_U, JISX0201,JISX0208,JISX0212,JISX0213,GB2312,GBK,KSC5601,UHC,CNS11643-N, Big5, UCS24 [supported encodings] ISO-8859-[1-11],ISO-8859-[13-16],TCVN5612,VISCII,KOI8_R,KOI8_U,EUC-JP, EUC-JISX0213, ISO-2022-JP[1,2,3],Shift_JIS,Shift_JISX0213,EUC-KR,UHC, JOHAB,ISO-2022-KR,ISO-2022-CN, GB2312EUC-CN,GBK,GB18030,EUC-TW,Big5, Hz,UTF-8
  • anti-aliased fonts
  • transparent background
  • background images
  • scroll by wheel mouse

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