Jul 20, 2023

Application dock applet for the MATE panel

The applet works with both GTK2 and GTK3 versions of MATE and allows you to

  • Place a dock on any MATE panel, of any size, on any side of the desktop you desire.
  • Pin and unpin apps to the dock. Pinned apps can be shown in the dock on all workspaces or only the workspace where they were pinned allowing the dock to be customised for each particular workspace.
  • Rearrange application icons on the dock
  • Launch apps by clicking on their icons in the dock
  • Minimize/unminimize running app windows by clicking the app’s dock icon
  • Detect changes in the current icon theme and update the dock accordingly
  • Use an indicator by each app to show when it is running
  • Optionally, use multiple indicators for each window an app has open
  • Use different styles of indicators, or turn indicators off altogether
  • Change the colour of MATE panels to the dominant colour i.e. the most common colour of the desktop wallpaper. The colour can be applied to all panels or just the panel containing the dock.

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