Jul 20, 2023

Graphical editor for Openbox application settings

OBApps is a graphical tool for configuring the per-application settings window matching in the Openbox window manager.

OBApps uses ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml or the config-file Openbox was started with by default. You can specify another file as an argument, e.g. obapps.py .config/openbox/myrc.xml

Enter or change the name, class, role, or type settings by clicking in their entries in the listbox.

Using the Find button to get settings by clicking on a window changes the settings for the CURRENTLY SELECTED item in the listbox; it does not add a new entry unless nothing is highlighted. You’ll usually want to use the New button to create a new item first.

Blank entries for name/class/role/type are ignored. If you want any of those fields to be stored as literally blank attributes e.g. to match only a window with a blank role, enter “” or ‘’ in the field.

Changes are written to the rc.xml file only when the apply button is used. Openbox will automatically be reconfigured when this is done.

WWW http//sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/obapps/index.php

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