Jul 20, 2023

Unicode/MUFI OpenType font for medievalists (Latin, IPA, Runic, Greek)

Junicode is an advanced Unicode font for medieval scholars, including the full range of characters for languages written in the Latin script. It also mostly implements the recommendation of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative MUFI.

The following languages are fully supported Old and Middle English, Old Icelandic, Runic, Latin, Gothic and Sanskrit transliterations, IPA International Phonetic Alphabet and Greek based on the Greek Double Pica cut by Alexander Wilson of Glasgow in the eighteenth century.

Junicode supports the following OpenType features f and long-s ligatures, contextual and stylistic alternates calt, salt, horizontal kerning kern, discretionary ligatures circled numbers and letters via dlig, MUFI historical ligatures hlig, glyph decomposition ccmp, correct positioning of combining marks – mark-to-base mark and mark-to-mark mkmk, small caps smcp and c2sc, old-style figures onum, super- and subscript numbers sups and subs, Unicode fractions frac, swashes swsh and mirrored runes rtlm.

Junicode’s OpenType style sets provide support for Nordic and Insular letter-forms, Old English typography, enlarged minuscules, E caudata, alternate yogh, MUFI’s overlined/deleted characters and many more.

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