May 26, 2018

System for manipulating HTML using a Pythonic object model

A simple, lightweight system for manipulating HTML and XML, informally using a Pythonic object model.


  • Allows program logic and HTML to be completely separated - a graphical designer can design the HTML in a visual HTML editor, without needing to deal with any non-standard syntax or non-standard attribute names.
  • Designed with common HTML-application programming tasks in mind.
  • No special requirements for the HTML/XML or just one attribute values must be quoted - so you can use any editor, and your HTML/XML doesn’t need to be strictly valid.
  • Works by string substitution, rather than by decomposing and rebuilding the markup, hence has no impact on the parts of the page you don’t manipulate.
  • Does nothing but manipulating HTML/XML, hence fits in with any other Web toolkits you’re using.
  • Tracebacks always point to the right place - many Python/HTML mixing systems use exec or eval, making bugs hard to track down.

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