May 26, 2018

Fast and powerful management tool for Mercurial and Git

Kallithea is a fast and powerful management tool for Mercurial and Git with a built-in push/pull server, full text search and code-review. It works on http/https and has a built in permission/authentication system with the ability to authenticate via LDAP or ActiveDirectory. Kallithea also provides simple API so it’s easy to integrate with existing external systems.

Kallithea is similar in some respects to GitHub or Bitbucket, however Kallithea can be run as standalone hosted application on your own server. It is open-source donationware and focuses more on providing a customised, self-administered interface for Mercurial and Git repositories. Kallithea works on Unix-like systems and Windows, and is powered by the vcs library created by Lukasz Balcerzak and Marcin Kuzminski to uniformly handle multiple version control systems.

Kallithea was forked from RhodeCode in July 2014 and has been heavily modified.

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