May 26, 2018

Session and Caching library with WSGI Middleware

Beaker is built on code from the package MyghtyUtils, originally used in the Myghty project. It implements a full set of cache functionality along with sessions that can utilize the caches.

Beaker includes Cache and Session WSGI middleware to ease integration with WSGI capable frameworks, and is automatically used by Pylons.

Features * Fast, robust performance * Multiple reader/single writer lock system to avoid duplicate simultaneous cache creation * Cache back-ends include dbm, file, memory, memcached, and database Using SQLAlchemy for multiple-db vendor support * Signed cookie’s to prevent session hijacking/spoofing * Extensible Container object to support new back-ends * Cache’s can be divided into namespaces to represent templates, objects, etc. then keyed for different copies * Create functions for automatic call-backs to create new cache copies after expiration * Fine-grained toggling of back-ends, keys, and expiration per Cache object

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