May 26, 2018

Mason per-component profiler

This module prints per-component profiling information to STDERR usually directed to the Apache error log. Its output looks like this

=Mason= - /NoAuth/webrt.css BEGINS 
=Mason= -     /NoAuth/webrt.css 
=Mason= -         /Elements/Callback 
=Mason= -         /Elements/Callback  0.0008
=Mason= -     /NoAuth/webrt.css  0.0072
=Mason= - /NoAuth/webrt.css  ENDS

Each row contains five whitespace-separated fields =Mason=, remote IP address, -, indented component name, and how many seconds did it take to process that component, including all subcomponents called by it.

The beginning and end of the initial request is represented by the special time fields BEGINS and ENDS.

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