May 26, 2018

Simple and fast HTML syntax checking package for perl 4 and perl 5

The objective of the package is to provide a fast and essential HTML check esp. for CGI scripts where response time is important to prevent a piece of user input HTML code from messing up the rest of a file, i.e., to minimize and localize any possible damage created by including a piece of user input HTML text in a dynamic document.

HTMLQuickCheck checks for unmatched < and >, unmatched tags and improper nesting, which could ruin the rest of the document. Attributes and elements with optional end tags are not checked, as they should not cause disasters with any decent browsers they should ignore any unrecognized tags and attributes according to the standard. A piece of HTML that passes HTMLQuickCheck may not necessarily be valid HTML, but it would be very unlikely to screw others but itself. A valid piece of HTML that doesn’t pass the HTMLQuickCheck is however very likely to screw many browserswhich are obviously broken in terms of strict conformance.

HTMLQuickCheck currently supports HTML 1.0, 2.x draft, 3.0 draft and netscape extensions 1.1.

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