May 26, 2018

Module to produce HTML ‘breadcrumb trails’

HTMLBreadcrumbs is a module used to create HTML ‘breadcrumb trails’ i.e. an ordered set of html links locating the current page within a hierarchy.

HTMLBreadcrumbs splits the given path up into a list of elements, derives labels to use for each of these elements, and then renders this list as N-1 links using the derived label, with the final element being just a label.

Both procedural and object-oriented interfaces are provided. The OO interface is useful if you want to separate object creation and initialisation from rendering or display, or for subclassing.

Both interfaces allow you to munge the path in various ways, to set labels either explicitly via a hashref or via a callback subroutine, and to control the formatting of elements via sprintf patterns or a callback subroutine.

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