May 26, 2018

Apache module for non-ASCII filename interoperability

mod_encoding - Apache module for non-ascii filename interoperability

This module improves non-ascii filename interoperability of apache and mod_dav.

It seems many WebDAV clients send filename in its platform-local encoding. But since mod_dav expects everything, even HTTP request line, to be in UTF-8, this causes an interoperability problem.

I believe this is a future issue for specification RFC? to standardize encoding used in HTTP request-line and HTTP header, but life would be much easier if mod_dav and others can handle various encodings sent by clients, TODAY. This module does just that.

This module adds following directives EncodingEngine, SetServerEncoding, AddClientEncoding, DefaultClientEncoding, and NormalizeUsername.

Note by maintainer It also solves the problem with the “hostname\username” way of authentication that Windows machines do when they attach to a DAV server. See the use of the NormalizeUsername directive.

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