May 26, 2018

Scripting language for creation of web sites

This is a port of G-Cows, a software project consisting in

  • definition of a scripting language designed for creation of web sites Cows;
  • interpreter for the scripting language cows;
  • a makefile generator cows-mkgen.

Cows is a scripting language whose main goal is to make the creation and updating of a web site faster, more flexible and less prone to errors without relying on server-side technologies.

Cows allows to use your Unix background and your favorite tools while creating a site you can traverse the whole directory tree with find', extract informations with grep’, build complex pipelines, include external scripts and programs written in every language whose interpreter or compiler is installed on your system.

Even if you use server side technology, you can still appreciate Cows for every task not relying on dynamic change of your site’s contents mixing Cows, PHP, custom Apache modules, application servers etc.

Cows gives the best results when used in conjunction with the Make utility, available on all Unix systems.

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