May 26, 2018

XML parser for Java

The Xerces Java Parser is a complete implementation of the parser related portions of JAXP 1.4 and also brings Xerces into compliance with SAX 2.0.2, the DOM Level 3 Core and Load/Save W3C Recommendations, the XML Inclusions XInclude Version 1.0 W3C Recommendation and the XML Schema 1.0 Structures and Datatypes Second Edition W3C Recommendations.

Xerces2 is the next generation of high performance, fully compliant XML parsers in the Apache Xerces family. This version of Xerces introduces the Xerces Native Interface XNI, a complete framework for building parser components and configurations that is extremely modular and easy to program.

The Apache Xerces2 parser is the reference implementation of XNI but other parser components, configurations, and parsers can be written using the Xerces Native Interface.

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