May 26, 2018

Toolkit for converting data between 8-bit legacy encodings and Unicode

TECkit Text Encoding Conversion toolkit is a toolkit for converting data between 8-bit legacy encodings and Unicode. It can also be used for transliteration of Unicode between different scripts.

TECkit uses a mapping description language mapping byte encodings to Unicode. Mapping rules can be extended by 1 the use of character sequences rather than single characters on either side; 2 by the addition of contextual constraints environments determining when a rule should apply; 3 and by the use of character classes, optional and repeatable elements, grouping and alternation to express more complex patterns to be matched and processed.

TECkit is particularly useful with XeTeX Unicode-aware derivate of TeX.

The following binaries are provided

teckit_compile mapping compiler that allows binary mapping tables .tec to be built from TECkit description files .map sfconv a tool for converting Standard Format SF files txtconv a utility to apply TECkit mappings to plain-text files

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