May 26, 2018

Smart, easy and powerful way to access/create XML files/data

This module has an easy way to access/create XML data. It’s based on the HASH tree that is made of the XML data, and enable a dynamic access to it with the Perl syntax for Hashe and Array, without needing to care if you have a Hashe or an Array in the tree. In other words, each point in the tree work as a Hash and an Array at the same time!

The module alson handle automatically binary data encoding/decoding to/from base64, CDATA like contents with and Unicode. It can be used to create XML files, load XML from the Web just pasting an URL as a file path and it has an easy way to send XML data through socket, just adding the length of the data in the header.

You can use XMLSmart with XMLParser, or with the 2 standart parsers of XMLSmart

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