Jul 20, 2023

Add Russian (KOI8) fonts to your PostScript fonts collection

This port tries to follow numerous suggestions and HOWTOs posted on the web about printing and viewing PostScript files containing Russian characters in KOI8 encoding, are there others?.

In installs the fonts taken from ftp//ftp.kapella.gpi.ru/pub/cyrillic/psfonts/

into their own $PREFIX/CyrPS directory, and places the infonts.dir/fonts.scale there for your X-server’s perusal.

If you happen to have ghostscript installed, it will also append its Fontmap file to print/display with this fonts by default.

Note, however, that this will NOT make your PostScript printers print in Russian, since they have their own PostScript interpreters built in. Use `koify’ to deal with those.

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