May 26, 2018

HTML to PostScript converter

  • Much from HTML 4.0 - that is relevant for printing - is supported incidentally, the PostScript and PDF versions of the HTML 4.0 draft, were generated using html2ps. For example, all character entities except ‌, ‍, ‎, and ‏ are supported.
  • Many possibilities to control the appearance. Starting with this version, this is mostly done using configuration files.
  • Support for processing multiple documents, also automatically by recursively following links.
  • A table of contents can be generated, either from the links in a document, or automatically from document headings.
  • Configurable page headers/footers, that for example can contain document title, URL, page number, current heading, and date.
  • When converting the PostScript document to PDF - using some other program such as version 5.0 or later of Aladdin Ghostscript, or Adobe Acrobat Distiller - the original hyperlinks in the HTML documents will be retained in the PDF document.
  • Automatic hyphenation and text justification can be selected.

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