May 26, 2018

SIP Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA) server with Radius support

Sippy B2BUA is a RFC3261-compliant Session Initiation Protocol SIP Back-to-back user agent B2BUA server software.

The B2BUA is a SIP call controlling component. Unlike a SIP proxy, which only maintains transaction state, the B2BUA maintains complete call state and participates in all call requests. For this reason it can perform number of functions that are not possible to implement using SIP proxy, such as for example accurate call accounting, pre-paid rating and billing, fail over call routing etc. Unlike PBX-type solutions such as Asterisk for example, the B2BUA doesn’t perform any media relaying or processing, therefore it doesn’t introduce any additional packet loss, delay or jitter into the media path.

Features o Realtime calls control and call data records CDRs generation; o Optional ability to use Sippy RTPproxy for media relaying; o Optional ability to perform Cisco-compatible RADIUS AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting; o RFC3261 compliance; o RFC3326 support; o IPv6 support; o Seamless compatibility with majority of popular SIP software and hardware on the market today; o Robustness and Resilience.

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