Jul 20, 2023

Backwards-compatible fork of CPython 2.7 with Python 3.x features

Tauthon is a backward-compatible fork of Python’s 2.7.18 interpreter with new syntax, builtins, and libraries backported from Python 3.x.

Python code and C-extensions targeting Python 2.7 or below are expected to run unmodified on Tauthon and produce the same output. But with Tauthon, that code can now use some of the new features from Python 3.x.

This is not an official Python release. Because of its new features, while preserving 2.7 compatibility, Tauthon reports 2.8 as its major/minor versions.

Non-exhaustive list of new features

  • Function Annotations
  • Keyword-Only Arguments
  • “async” and “await” Syntax
  • Argument-less “super”
  • New Metaclass Syntax
  • “nonlocal”
  • “yield from” Syntax
  • “concurrent.futures” Module
  • UTF-8 as the default source encoding

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