Jul 20, 2023

Scheme interpreter

Scm conforms to Revised^5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme and the IEEE P1178 specification.

SLIB is a portable Scheme library which SCM uses.

SLIB-PSD is a portable debugger for Scheme requires emacs editor.

The init file is hard-coded as /usr/local/lib/scm/Init.scm. Alternatively, one can set the environment variable SCM_INIT_PATH to the pathname of Init.scm.

The library files are in /usr/local/lib/scm/slib. Alternatively, one can set the environment variable SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH to the slib directory. Remember to use a trailing / on the pathname.

By default -DSICP is turned on, with the expectation that this is the major reason for this port. This means test.scm will fail on three tests in section 6.1. Where strict R4S compliance is important, recompile without the SICP flag.

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