Jul 20, 2023

Colm Programming Language

Colm is COmputer Language Machinery.

Colm is a programming language designed for the analysis and transformation of computer languages. Colm is influenced primarily by TXL.


  • Colm’s main contribution lies in the parsing method.
  • Colm’s parsing engine is generalized, but it also allows for the construction of arbitrary global data structures that can be queried during parsing. In other generalized methods, construction of global data requires some very careful consideration because of inherent concurrency in the parsing method. It is such a tricky task that it is often avoided altogether and the problem is deferred to a post-parse disambiguation of the parse forest.
  • By default Colm will create an elf executable that can be used standalone for that actual transformations.
  • Colm is a static and strong typed scripting language.
  • Colm is very tiny and fast and can easily be embedded/linked with c/cpp programs.
  • Colm’s runtime is a stackbased VM that starts with the bare minimum of the language and bootstraps itself.

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