Jul 20, 2023


If you’re working with FreeBSD, utilizing ports is perhaps one of the most practical and beneficial methods to manage your software. One of these remarkable ports is Nanum Gothic, a port under the category of ‘Korean’. This review aims to offer you an in-depth perspective on how to use the Nanum Gothic port, its features, and the many benefits it affords to its users.

Overview What is the Nanum Gothic Port?

Nanum Gothic is a contemporary sans-serif typeface designed for the Korean alphabet, optimized for screen displays. This port is open-source, released under the SIL Open Font License, meaning you can use, modify, and distribute it freely.

Installing the Port

Installing Nanum Gothic on a FreeBSD platform is relatively straightforward

  1. Open your Terminal.
  2. Type cd /usr/ports/korean/nanum-gothic/ && make install clean

You’ll need to wait for a while for the system to finish the installation. Once executed, the Nanum Gothic font will be ready to use.

Alternatively, you can install Nanum Gothic as a binary package

  1. To do this, open your Terminal.
  2. Type pkg install nanum-gothic.

Doing this will quickly install the font without having to compile the port.

Why Use Nanum Gothic Port?

As FreeBSD is used worldwide, it offers an extensive range of ports tailored to accommodate the needs of diverse users. Having a port dedicated to a Korean typeface such as Nanum Gothic presents several advantages

  • Support for Korean Text If you’re dealing with Korean data, the Nanum Gothic port is crucial in maintaining the language’s design integrity.

  • Versatile Application The addition of the Nanum Gothic font extends the usability of various applications from web browsers, text editors, pdf readers, to graphic design software.

  • Improved Accessibility If your website or application targets Korean-speaking audiences, incorporating Nanum Gothic will significantly improve its accessibility and user experience.

Comparing with Other Ports

FreeBSD offers several ports dealing with text and language functionalities. Each port serves a unique purpose tailored to meet different user needs. Take for example the dejavu port, which is a compact but comprehensive font set.

Then you have the nmap port https//, a security scanner used to explore networks and perform security checks. While this doesn’t deal with fonts, it’s a shining example of the versatility and variety FreeBSD offers in its ports.


FreeBSD’s impressive and diverse range of ports continually helps its users manage their software efficiently. The Nanum Gothic port, being a part of this suite, provides a reliable tool to deal with Korean text, be it in website development, document reading, or simply personalizing your interface.

Remember, the power of FreeBSD isn’t just in its features but also in one’s knowledge regarding the usage of those features. By knowing how to use ports like Nanum Gothic, you can unlock FreeBSD’s potential to achieve highly customized, efficient, and high-performing software management.

In conclusion, Nanum Gothic is an excellent asset for anyone dealing with Korean texts in their computing tasks. Install it today, and explore how it can elevate your Korean language resources and applications. Happy FreeBSD-ing!

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