May 26, 2018

Another ‘Internet Relay Chat’ Client

I could not find a client with the features I was looking for, so yes, here is yet another IRC client. Here’s what makes it different from others

  • absolutely NO scripting ability.
  • termcap based e.g. fast!.
  • emacs-style key bindings
  • full ircd 2.9+ support.
  • virtual windows a la screen1.
  • multi server support.
  • non blocking TCP connections.
  • basic support for multi-homed systems.
  • everything goes and stays in the lastlog.
  • convenient scrolling with searching abilities in the lastlog.
  • 10 display filters! 2 ignore features are based on this.
  • highly customizable. format strings, filters..
  • customization possible at every level channel, window, server…
  • non blocking DNS lookups A and PTR records.
  • “tabkey” style completion for /msg, /squery and public discussion.
  • DCC support.
  • CTCP support.

                                    -- Christophe Kalt <>