May 26, 2018

Advanced, stable IRC daemon, used widely on EFnet

This is a port of the ircd-ratbox IRC daemon.

ircd-ratbox is the primary ircd used on EFnet; it combines the stability of an ircd required for a large production network together with a rich set of features, making it also suitable for use on smaller networks.

Changes Include o Optional SSL support to enable encrypted connections between clients and servers, as well as server to server links. o Add support for SSL only channels, channel mode +S. o sqlite3 for handling and storing k/x/d lines. o Support for global CIDR limits. o Added adminwall allowing admins to broadcast messages to each other. o Creation of new library archive ‘libratbox’. o Support for forced nick changes instead of collision kills. o New ssld and bandb processes for SSL connections and ban checking; these allow ratbox-3 to make better use of multi-processor systems.

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