May 26, 2018

Oct puzzle for X Window System

The original puzzle has 9 triangles per face size = 3 and has period 4 turning i.e. the face or points turn with 90 degree intervals. The puzzle was designed by Uwe Meffert and called the Magic Octahedron or Star Puzzler. The puzzle was not widely distributed but not exactly rare. This puzzle has some analogies to the Rubik’s Cube and the solving techniques are the same to that of the Pyraminx. Christoph’s Magic Jewel is similar except there are no trivial corners to solve. This has 2^22*12! or 2,009,078,326,886,400 different combinations. Uwe Meffert also noticed that there could be an alternate twisting for the octahedron where it has period 3 turning i.e. faces turn with 120 degree intervals. One is able to simulate a Trajber’s Octahedron period 3 turning and sticky mode. Also one is able to simulate one with variant turning period 4 turning and sticky mode.

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