May 26, 2018

Tile-matching 8x8 puzzle game

The game is very simple. There is an 8x8 array of jewels of 7 types. You need to get 3 or more in a row horizontally or vertically in order to score points. You can swap any two jewels that are next to each other up and down or left and right. The mechanic is to click the mouse on the first one, then drag in the direction to switch with. Then let up on the mouse button, but this last isn’t so critical.

Jewels can only be swapped if after the swap there is at least one 3 or more in a row set created. Otherwise the jewels return to their original position.

There is a clock shown on the left. When it counts down to 0 the game is over. You will probably be able to enter your name into the high score table. Hit enter when done.

Hit F1 or spacebar to start a new game, or ESC to exit.

This game makes use of OpenGL. Without an OpenGL implementation it won’t work. If you only have software rendering you can still play but the frame rate will be lower. The GLX module must be present as well.

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