May 26, 2018

Network tank battle game

N.A.D.A.R. is a network tank battle game. You can play N.A.D.A.R. with computer players and human players over the network.

This port installs “/usr/X11R6/bin/nadars” and “/usr/X11R6/bin/nadar”. “nadars” is a server of N.A.D.A.R. Run it before playing N.A.D.A.R. “nadar” is a client of N.A.D.A.R. for X. Run it after nadars starts.


server-machine> nadars client-machine1> nadar -s [Server’s hostname] -p [Player’s name] client-machine2> nadar -s [Server’s hostname] -p [Player’s name] …

If playing speed is very slow, Run nadar as below with size option.

client-machine> nadar -s [Server’s hostname] -p [Player’s name] -size 30

See nadars1 and nadar1 for more details.