May 26, 2018

Psychic Bodyguard FPS - protect the VIP

Black Shades Elite is an action game that is more or less similar to the original Black Shades “Psychic Bodyguard FPS”. Kill anyone that tries to kill the VIP the white guy. The psychic part is seeing blue lines when bad guys line up on the VIP when the line is red they are about to shoot. Other powers slow down, and visions are available - press F1 for how to use.

It has a few more user friendly options in the ~/blackshades.config file as well as a help menu. Aside from that the internals have had some major changes, but there is still a lot more to do. Other options include 3rd person which was in the original game, just disabled. The other change that I enjoy is the lack of a busy loop

  • now cpu usage isn’t 100 - on any recent system it should be less than 25.

Feature and bug reports are encouraged. I’m sure it’s buggy. Enjoy.

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