Jul 20, 2023

Generate SSHFP DNS records from knownhosts files or ssh-keyscan

sshfp generates DNS SSHFP records from SSH public keys. sshfp can take public keys from a knownhosts file or from scanning the host’s sshd daemon. The ssh client can use these SSHFP records if you set “VerifyHostKeyDNS yes” in the file /etc/ssh/ssh_config.

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Checkout these related ports:
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  • Zonecheck - Perform consistency checks on DNS zones
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  • Yandex-ddns - Use Yandex DNS as a dynamic DNS provider
  • Yadifa - Authoritative nameserver with DNSSEC capabilities
  • Wrapsrv - DNS SRV record command line wrapper
  • Whoseip - Get information about IP addresses country code and network
  • Wdns - Low-level DNS library
  • Walker - Recover zone file information from servers that use DNSSEC
  • Void-zones-tools - Prepare a list of void zones that can be readily fed into Unbound
  • Vizone - Updates the serial number in one or more zonefiles
  • Vhostcname - Synchronize DNS with server names and aliases from Apache vhost
  • Utdns - Proxy UDP/DNS to TCP/DNS
  • Updatedd - Dynamic DNS Update Client supporting multiple services
  • Unbound - Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver