May 26, 2018

Python implementation of an Erlang node

The Py-Interface is a python-implementation of an Erlang node.

The py_interface provides the possibility to create a node that may be used for communication with other Erlang nodes.

Some characteristics

o The Python nodes are hidden, like the Java nodes

o The Python node supports

  • registering the Python node in the epmd
  • sending and receiving message
  • executing remote procedure calls the rpccallM,F,A mechanism

o The Python node does currently not do

  • linking
  • tracing

o The Python node translates Erlang types to Python types as far as there is a reasonable Python counterpart. If there is not, then a class is used.

o The Python node is a single threaded callback-driven process.

o The Python node runs on Python 2.5 and Erlang R12. It may well still work with older version of both Python and Erlang. Development started on Python 1.5 and Erlang R7.

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