May 26, 2018

C++ libraries with a network/internet focus (full version)

The C++ Portable Components currently consist of four libraries.

The Foundation library contains a platform abstraction layer including classes for multithreading, file system access, logging, etc., as well as a large number of useful utility classes, such various stream buffer and stream classes, URI handling, and many more. The remaining libraries include

o Crypto - Encrypt/decrypt data or I/O streams o Data - database access ODBC, SQLite, MySQL client o Net - network classes sockets, HTTP, etc. o NetSSL - SSL/TLS protocol sockets based on OpenSSL o PageCompiler - C++ Server Page Compiler, for dynamic HTML in C++ apps o XML - parser with SAX2 and DOM interfaces and an XMLWriter o Util - config files and command line arguments, various utility classes o Zip classes for decompressing data or I/O streams

This is now known as the ‘-all’ distribution by the Poco project, but the FreeBSD port remains named -ssl for hysterical raisins.

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