May 26, 2018

CORBA Notification Service (CosNotification) for omniORB

omniNotify is a multi-threaded implementation of the CORBA Notification Service CosNotification, a feature-enriched version of the CORBA Event Service CosEvents. omniNotify offers asynchronous, decoupled, event-based communication between distributed and heterogeneous applications.

The main features of omniNotify are

  • Implemented in C++.
  • Scalable filter evaluation and event dispatching architecture.
  • Support for push-based and pull-based event suppliers and consumers.
  • Support variants of suppliers/consumers that transmit per push/pull o a CORBAAny a single arbitrary value; o a CosNotificationStructuredEvent a single structured event; o a CosNotificationEventBatch a sequence of structured events.
  • Administrative and Notification QoS properties.
  • Backward compatible with CosEvents.

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