May 26, 2018

Simple, extensible literate-programming tool


noweb is a literate-programming tool like FunnelWEB or nuweb, only simpler. A noweb file contains program source code interleaved with documentation. When noweb is invoked, it writes the program source code to the output files mentioned in the noweb file, and it writes a TeX file for typeset documentation.

noweb is designed to meet the needs of literate programmers while remaining as simple as possible. Its primary advantages are simplicity, extensibility, and language-independence. noweb works ``out of the box’’ with any programming language, and supports TeX, latex, and HTML Mosaic back ends. A back end to support full hypertext or indexing takes about 250 lines; a simpler one can be written in 40 lines of awk. The primary sacrifice relative to WEB is that code is not prettyprinted.

If you’re brand new to literate programming, check out the FAQ for the USENET newsgroup comp.programming.literate. There are also some resources available through the noweb home page

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